Which Country Makes the Best Guitars? 


The quality of the guitar is closely related to its country of manufacture. There are several factors such as quality of woods and availability of other resources, skilled labour, types of workshops, quality control and regulations which determine the quality of guitars. The ability of a company to invest in materials, machinery and skilled labour also determine the quality of its guitars.

There are some countries which produce superior quality guitars as compared to other countries. Some of them have been mentioned here.



The USA is the topmost destination for guitar manufacturing in the world. Some of the world’s best-known guitar manufacturing companies such as Gibson, Fender, PRS, Music Man, etc. operate in the country. The USA provides access to high-quality wood and other materials to guitar makers. The country also has a good pool of skilled labour for guitar manufacturing.


Germany is well known for Nik Huber guitars manufactured in the country. Hohner and Hofner are other two prestigious guitar companies in Germany. There are many other renowned brands of guitars in the country. Exotic woods and eye-catching finishes are the most distinguishing features of guitars made in Germany.

United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom is also considered one of the best countries in the world for guitars mainly due to the British guitar company Patrick Eggle Guitars owned by guitar designer Patrick James Eggle. This company is known for making excellent quality guitars which have been used by many famous musicians. Vox is another renowned British guitar manufacturing company.


The top Japanese companies in the guitar market which have earned a place for Japan in this list are Ibanez, ESP and Yamaha. The finest guitars such as Prestige and E-II which cost as much as £2000 are manufactured in Japan. Guitars made by Japanese companies are played by many famous musicians such as Phil Collen, Steve Vai and John Frusciante, to name a few.


France is home to two globally recognised guitar manufacturers, Vigier and LAG which were established in the year 1980. Thus, 1980 is the year in which guitar manufacturing commenced in France. Vigier brand is especially famous worldwide for its range of affordable electric guitars.

South Korea 

South Korea is home to many prestigious guitar companies which carry out manufacturing in the country. These companies include Steinberger, PRS, Martin and Schecter. Guitar manufacturing in South Korea is known for strict quality control and availability of skilled labour which result in high-quality guitars.


Canada is known for its acoustic guitars which are very popular all over the world. Seagull is a very famous Canadian brand of acoustic guitars. This brand was established in the year 1982 by Robert Godin.


Indonesia is on this list because there are many famous brands of guitars are manufactured in this country. Some of the famous brands include Jackson, Faith and Chapman.


Affordable versions of Fenders range of guitars are manufactured in Mexico. These are reliable guitars. However, the quality of wood and hardware used in them are inferior as compared to guitars manufactured in the neighbouring USA.