The Cost of Moving House

When it comes to buying a house, there seems like there is a lot of information and legal jargon to unpick. Of course, a house is a big purchase – possibly the biggest purchase that you will ever make! So, it is going to be incredibly complex at points.


Fortunately, estate agents and solicitors will help you with this and there is lots of support and advice available – many people have questions when buying a house as a lot of the legal side of it will be things that they have never come across before.

Questions such as what is an ID1 form? How much are solicitors’ fees? And what sort of survey will I need? Are all common questions from first time buyers.

The benefit that you will have as a first time buyer is that you are not selling a house as well as buying one – this will obviously be a more costly thing to do as it does mean 2 lots of solicitors fees, as well as the fees to the estate agent that you are selling your home through.

As well as the purchase of your home and the legal fees, it is also worth baring in mind that you may need new furniture, and possibly some home improvements such as new carpets or flooring, and wallpapering depending on the condition of the property that you move in to, so do also bear that in mind before going for a ‘bargain’ property that needs a lot of work doing t it.You need to be careful of a lot of things when you move your home. Firstly you should book a removal company that can help you remove your personal belongings and other important things from one place to another. Then you should also indulge in decluttering your belongings because there are a lot of things that you might want to get rid of before you move to your new home. Also try to pack as early as possible because in the last moment it all becomes very confusing.Also one thing that really helps is creating an inventory so you can keep a check on all your belongings and not leave behind anything that is important. Also start packing with the least used rooms so that you can pick up the pace before you shift to those rooms that are actually most used as they will have a lot of things to move. After this you also need to arrange your utilities such as the tax gas home insurance and other such important things so you should complete all the administration stuff before hand. Also make sure that you are using quality packing materials so that the things you are moving does not get destroyed in the process.Also label the things you are moving properly because when you start to reopen them there  should not be a big confusion and problem so labelling can really helpful stop also keep your cupboards open and that will give you a chance to see that you’ve packed up everything. Also pack a box that contains all of your important things into a separate bag so that even if you don’t open up the other stuff you have all the important stuff with you when you move into the house.