Safety shoe Everything You Need to Know

In heavy-duty industries, the workers are advised to follow certain safety rules. Safety shoes are essential protective equipment. Generally, safety shoes are oversized and heavy. Construction workers wear these bulky shoes every day. However, safety shoes differ in style and design for every industry. They are highly beneficial to keep your foot safe from hazards and injuries. Numerous brands sell high-quality safety shoes for customers. But, before purchasing there are many things you may need to know about these shoes. So, let us see some of the uses, types and features of safety shoes.

The types of safety shoes

  • Steel toes

Steel toes are one of the most preferred safety shoes for industries. The steel material is very sturdy that can protect the foot from falling objects and potential foot injuries. It completely covers the foot and also conducts temperature inside. These shoes are available in many sizes and are also comfortable.

  • Composite shoes

The durable composite shoes are suitable for people who work under the metal detector. This shoe is non-metallic which makes it very lightweight. Individuals can walk and stand for a long time wearing these shoes.

  • Aluminium toes

This is a lightweight safety shoe, but it is thicker than the steel toes. This is suitable for any industry work as they are thick.

  • Metatarsal guard

Metatarsal is a high-end safety shoe that gives ultimate protection for the foot. It can safeguard the foot from falling materials, hot objects and embers. This shoe is suitable for welders, moulter and any industry workers.

Things to remember

  • Purchase a safety shoe that suits your requirement.
  • Buy the right size shoes to avoid swelling and injuries.
  • Put comfort over brand name.
  • Purchase a shoe that gives you more foot space.
  • Consider safety and durability features.

The key safety features to consider

Rolling object protection

The heavy-duty industries and construction sites are prone to hazards. These dynamic industries have moving materials all the time. So, it is important to consider whether your safety shoe can protect your toe from rolling objects.

Skid protection

Slipping accidents may often occur in the industries. So, it is important to purchase shoes that come with the anti-skid safety feature. Lubricants can make your slip and fall. Therefore, also ensure that the shoes have rubber outsoles to protect you from slipping and falling.

Weather protection

In industries, the workers may have to work in extreme temperatures. The safety shoes are designed in a way to protect your feet in extremely cold conditions. But, also choose safety shoes that can sustain even in extremely hot temperatures.

Short circuit protection

If you work in electrical-based industries, then purchase a safety shoe that protects you from electrical hazards. These safety shoes should be non-conductors that are made of leather or rubber material.

Cut protection

This safety feature is important for workers who work near moving machinery, chainsaws or sharp objects. The cut resistant safety shoes will not allow the sharp object to enter your shoe.

These are everything you need to know about safety shoes, and by these details, you can purchase the best shoes that suit our needs.