Refrigerators Advantages and Disadvantages

Nobody can say no to the fact that the refrigerators have changed the lives of many people who use it. There are no wastages of food because today people can store the food in the fridge for more than one day. But some people say that refrigerators also have some drawbacks. So let us now focus on the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using the refrigerators to get a clear idea about it.

The single door refrigerators

The single door refrigerators are the most commonly used ones.

The advantages

  • The energy efficiency

The refrigerators consume thirty to forty percent less power when compared with the double-doored fridge. It functions based on energy-efficient technologies that are certainly a benefit.

  • The compact size

The fridges are available in suitable sizes that also satisfy the requirements of many customers. It starts as small as fifty liters and can range up to two-fifty liters. It is the best fridge for the families numbering two to four people.

  • Cost-effective

These types of refrigerators cost less than the other models. It is economical. Today there are refrigerators in the 2ok ranges for people on a budget.

  • Occupies less space

Making space for the appliances in your home can be difficult if there is a space constraint. So that is why most of the models of single door fridges are compact and need only less space to set.

The disadvantages

  • Less capacity
  • The main fridge door needs to be opened to take even small items
  • The shelves are small to keep the products

The Double door refrigerators

The double door fridges below 20000 are not common, but it is more modern.

The advantages

  • The best option for large families

The refrigerators will be able to fit the requirements of five to six members in a family.

  • Increase in the size of shelves

Some shelves offer a large space to store many kinds of food items. The food can be kept in an organized manner.

  • Large freezer space

The separate doors in the freezer will offer large space to freeze food

  • Separate doors

Different doors are present for the fridge and the freezer. So you can keep the items separately and open the door for what you need.

The disadvantages

  • The price of the double door refrigerators is costly when compared with the single door fridge models. The people who require large spaces have to spend extra money to buy this type of fridge.
  • The double door fridges are not energy efficient. It uses twenty to thirty percent more power. So you need to take care to limit the use of opening the door of the fridge more often.
  • If you need large storage in a refrigerator, then only you need to buy it. Because sometimes people buy it and find that it takes more of the kitchen space. If there is a constraint of spaces in your house, then think twice before buying the fridge.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the types of refrigerators.