Manual Treadmill vs Electric Treadmill: Which is Best? 


If you’re planning to buy a treadmill, you will have two different options. There are two main categories when it comes to treadmills- manual treadmills and electric treadmills. You have to select a specific type among these two types. The choice entirely depends upon your requirements and the types of workout you do. A manual treadmill is way more different than an electric treadmill.

Both types include different features and advantages. Naturally, each type has its disadvantages as well. Let’s know about all the advantages and disadvantages of manual and electric treadmills.


Manual treadmills 

Running on a treadmill requires a lot more effort than running on an electric one. The belt moves as per your movements. If you speed up, the belt will start moving faster. At the same speed, you’re going to burn more calories on a manual treadmill than an electric treadmill.

Advantages of manual treadmills

  • A manual treadmill runs on your muscle-power. Therefore, you engage more muscles while running on a manual treadmill. That helps your lower portion to get in shape and also strengthens your core muscles. Running on a manual treadmill highly impacts your leg muscles and help you burn more calories.
  • The chances of accidents are lesser in a manual treadmill. The treadmill stops once you stop running. That’s why you don’t have to wear a safety belt to prevent unfortunate accidents.
  • You won’t require electricity to use a manual treadmill. You can reduce the amount of your electric bill in this way.
  • Manual treadmills are usually more affordable and budget-friendly. Those who can’t afford an advanced motorized treadmill can buy manual treadmills.
  • A manual treadmill is the best option for you if you’re a professional sportsman. Running on a manual treadmill will be as favourable as a high-intensity workout for you.

Disadvantages of manual treadmills 

  • Manual treadmills are not for everyone as these run on muscle-power. Sometimes, you might feel extra stress or strain in your joints after running on a manual treadmill. The people who are suffering from joint pain or arthritis shouldn’t run on a manual treadmill.
  • A manual treadmill is not as stable and sturdy as an electric treadmill is. That’s why you might face finding it difficult to maintain body balance while running on an electrical treadmill.

Electric treadmills 

An electric treadmill includes a motor and has different running levels. Running on an electric treadmill is easier than running on a manual treadmill.

Advantages of electric treadmills 

  • These treadmills are sturdier than manual treadmills. That’s why an electric treadmill is the best option if you are not much familiar with treadmills.
  • You can get additional workout features in an electric treadmill. Moreover, speed and incline moderations are possible when you’re running on an electric treadmill.
  • You won’t strain your joints while running on a motorized treadmill.

Disadvantages of electric treadmills 

  • These treadmills require electricity to run. Increased electric bills will be a point of concern if you buy an electric treadmill.
  • An electric treadmill doesn’t stop moving even if you’re exhausted. That’s why accidents frequently happen in electric treadmills.

You should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of both types of treadmills. Then you can decide which one is better for your workout sessions.