Is a 3 or 4 blade fan better?

Both 3-blade and 4-blade fan are electrical fans that create the flow of air inside the room. The fan helps in cooling the room temperature according to the climate continually in countries like India.

Most of the corporates go for air-conditioners for maintaining the computers. However, most of the households chose fan over AC. The Fan comes in different variants.

3-blade fan vs 4 blade fans

3-blade Fan has attained popularity in the market. However, you can also get 4-blade fan with different variants. There are many controversies on which one is better. Whether you go for the fan having three blades or four blades, they only circulate the air movement, which helps in removing the body sweat and cools you. It’s only the air-conditioner that cools the room. According to physics, many believe that if a fan has more blades, the air circulation increases. However, on the other side, people neglect air resistance. If you are looking for the optimum airflow with lesser friction, 3-blade fan is the right choice. However, in the technological aspect, when you decide to go for a ceiling fan, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Pros of 3-blade Fan

The following are the pros of 3-blade Fan.

  • Affordable: The 3-blade fans come to you in a budget-friendly range, which saves your money.
  • Appearance: The 3-blade fans comprise the aesthetically pleasing design and which enhasnces the interior of the rooms.
  • Dynamic: The 3-blade fans help in maintaining a dynamic balance between the blades.
  • Lightweight: The 3-blade fans have more longevity as they have a lighter weight, unlike other fans. As a result of the lightweight, you get good air circulation with lower consumption of electricity.

Cons of 3-blade Fan

  • Noisy: Some of the 3-blade fans tend to get noisy, as a result of that is forbidden. They can use for the office.
  • Not with air-conditioner: A 3-blade fan does not go well on in an air-conditioned room.
  • Lesser air circulation: The airflow is lesser as the number of blades are lower.
  • Less airflow: Though the 3-blade fan has a high speed, it doesn’t give an impact of cooling the room. It only provides heat with relief to a person.

Pros of 4-blade -Fan

  • Silent: A 4-blade fan makes lesser noise, compared to 3-blade Fan.
  • Useful with air-conditioner: You can install a 4-blade fan in the room that has an air-conditioner
  • Stylish: A 4-blade fan has a better look and feel.
  • Aerodynamic: The 4-blade fans have a more aerodynamic drag in the motor.

Cons of a 4 -blade fan:

  • Expensive: The cost of 4-blade Fan is more.
  • Heavy: The 4-blade Fan weighs more than a 3-blade fan, which makes it more cumbersome.
  • Less airflow: The 4-blade Fan has more number of blades, that provides less airflow.


The ceiling fans with three blades and four blades vary in terms of features, having their pluses and minuses.So you should consider one on the basis of your requirement and budget.