How to Find the Best Home Paper Shredder for You?

paper shredder

With the increase of identity theft in today’s life, it has become essential to look for some safety measures to maintain confidential information safely. To destroy your sensitive information properly, you require the use of a paper shredder. With so many models and brands of paper shredders on the market, choosing the right paper shredder for home or office purposes becomes a daunting task. Here are some essential things to consider while buying a paper shredder.

Manual versus Automatic Paper Shredders:

Manual shredders are available at affordable costs. Such a shredder requires your work to complete the shredding task. You have to turn or rotate a handle to cut the papers using blades inside the shredder. When you want to shred more papers, then your work of cracking the handle becomes tough. These manual shredders can shred only papers. But some models of paper shredders shred credit cards, CDs, etc.

Coming to an automatic paper shredder, you need just to introduce the paper into the shredding machine. A shredder will take care of the rest of the tasks. A sensor present inside the shredder that starts shredding once papers are introduced. It will automatically stop shredding when you stop introducing papers. These shredders shred CDs, credit cards, etc. in addition to shredding papers.

Shredder Capacity:

Each shredder has different shredding capacities; choose the one that can handle the good volume of shredding as per your requirement. When you consider a home paper shredder, you can shred 1000 sheets per day. So, check for the shredding capacity to handle your job.

Security Levels:

Security is an important parameter that you need to consider while buying the paper shredder. This security level decides how small you require the paper shredded. If you want to destroy confidential documents, you may want the paper to be shredded into quarter-inch strips. According to the comments of review sites, the best home shredder will shred the paper into eighth-of-an-inch strips. This security level is enough for home paper shredders.

Speed Of Operation:

When the horsepower of the motor is high, then the power supply can be more to the shredder. With the power supply, the shredder shreds the paper faster. There will be less chance to get any jams in a good power supply. Thus, look for a paper shredder having a high horsepower motor.

Waste Basket:

Another key parameter is to check whether the paper shredder comes with a wastebasket or not. It is a standard concept for paper shredders to come with a bin or wastebasket design to store the shredded pieces. Check reviews of previous customers to find out how to empty the bin or wastebasket after shredding papers.

The above features may help you in choosing the best paper shredder for your home. Once you buy a paper shredder, you need to maintain the shredder properly. This helps to extend the life of the paper shredder for several years. For cleaning the paper shredder, read the instruction manual that comes with the paper shredder.