Can I use Thermal Paper in a Normal Printer?

Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is not the same as the ordinary paper, as it is coated with some dye and chemicals. When you heat the thermal paper above its melting point, it reacts much due to the presence of dye and chemicals in it. A thermal paper may change its colour when the dye reacts to the chemicals. Thermal paper has three layers such as

  1. Substrate layer
  2. Baselayer
  3. Active layer

The substrate layer consists of chemicals like polypropylene. Coming to the base layer, it consists of gelatin, alkali salts, and starches. This layer is important for allowing the heat to pass through the paper. Finally, the active layer is the top layer that contains the rich chemicals to react over the heat.

Thermal Paper

Can you use thermal paper in a normal printer?

Since thermal paper is different from the normal paper, you can’t use it in a normal printer. It is not advisable to print thermal paper in a normal printer. But, one can use this thermal paper in a thermal printer. A good thermal printer is a type of printer that uses small heating elements to produce images. The various applications of the thermal printer include printing barcodes, labels, safety signs, shipping labels, and wayfinding markers, etc.

Thermal printers are of two categories such as

  1. Direct Thermal Printers
  2. Thermal Transfer Printers

Thermal papers are specially designed to use for thermal printers. So, one cannot use normal papers in thermal printers. So, the only media to print various things such as labels, barcodes, etc. in thermal papers is a thermal printer. Similarly, one can use normal papers in inkjet printers.

Working Principle of Thermal Paper in Thermal Printer:

Thermal printers use a printing head that heats the thermal paper having a dye and chemical. At last, the thermal printers generate characters or pictures on the thermal paper. Here the printing result will be in black or blue. Though thermal papers are expensive than normal paper, you can do specific jobs using thermal papers in thermal printers.

Thermal printers are durable and versatile. They require less maintenance to use them. But again the cost of thermal printers is expensive. Also, you will not get many colours of printing.

How to buy thermal paper rolls?

While choosing the thermal paper rolls, you need to be careful. Based on your different needs, go for the right size of thermal paper rolls. It will help you to save money. Understand the number of paper rolls that you need for your business transactions. Also, ask for better discounts from retailers in case of bulk purchases. Before buying from any retailer, ensure that you compare the cost of thermal papers at different manufacturers. After analyzing it, you can choose the right retailer to purchase your bulk order.

Thermal papers are rich in chemicals like BPA. Such BPA causes health risks such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc. So, go for buying the BPA-free thermal paper to stay safe from health issues.