Are baby walkers good or bad for babies?

When an infant tries to walk, the parents think whether or not to buy a baby walker. Balance is the main advantage of using baby walkers. Some believe that baby walkers are useful for the baby’s growth. Baby walkers can help parents to teach and entertain the baby. With proper use, you can make the best use of a baby walker to train your baby. If you want to if a baby walker is good or bad for babies, you can follow this article.

Advantages of baby walker

1. Makes your child independent

Parents closely watch every step of their baby when it tries to walk. Parents may carefully want to protect the baby, but it also restricts the independent movements your baby takes. When babies are in the crawling stage, they try to walk soon. It is good to give them a supporting object so that they can freely walk around the house. These baby walkers also give independence to your baby, so they try to walk around much better. Therefore, a good baby walker can be used for the child’s security while walking.

2. More time for other activities

Many parents use baby walkers as they have the assurance that the baby is secure. On the other hand, without worries, the parent can clean around the house when having their baby near them.

3. Teach and entertain the baby

A baby walker is a great toy for the baby. Growing babies find it very fun to move around the house and feel the walking sensation with the help of a baby walker. Moreover, the baby walkers also come in eye-catching colours with toys and dangles attached to it that will amuse your little one. Babies learn a lot of things in a baby walker that helps in cognitive development.

Disadvantages of baby walkers

1. Doesn’t stimulate the walking ability

A baby walker provides artificial assistance to the baby. So, the baby may move around in the walker, but it doesn’t help in real walking. There are no challenges when walking through a baby walker, so that doesn’t stimulate the ability to walk. Walking through a baby walker is an incomplete walking experience. Even though the leg muscles of the baby are used, it cannot be compared to real walking. Therefore, it is important to restrict the time of using baby walkers and spend more time by letting your baby crawl and learn walking.

2. Delay in walking and crawling

Crawling is the primary and most important in the process of baby walking. When parents use baby walkers, the child doesn’t get enough crawling practice that ultimately delays their real walking.

3. It makes walking easy.

When a baby starts to walk, they fall and get up to walk again. This falling experience is an important step to walk. This challenges your child and teaches them to overcome it. Therefore, using baby walkers don’t teach your child about challenges and also obstructs their growth.

Baby walkers provide protection and keep your baby from falling. However, as mentioned above, by proper use, you can make the best use of baby crawlers to help your baby walk.