What should you know about wood lathe before purchasing one?

A lathe is a machine that is used in the shaping of materials by rotating it rapidly along its axis.  And the machine that is used in shaping the wood is called a wood lathe. Wood lathe machine is a simple tool that is being around from Egyptian time.  Over the years lathe has undergone changes and today it has evolved into the modern complicated machine.

How does wood lathe work?

Wood lathe machine is used in shaping any piece of wood into the desired shape that is used in making other objects like bowls, table legs, chair arms, etc. The significance of wood lathe is undeniable; they are in use for making plenty of objects. The wood lathe has helped in the manufacturing of decorative time, furniture, and cartwheels among other things.

Just like pottery wheel wood lathe is a simple device that is used in creating various forms of objects. The wood lathe works with a reciprocating or continuous revolution.  The power for reciprocating revolution is fueled by a bow or string that rotates in the wood in one direction and again in another direction.  Usually, wood lathes are powered by humans known as turners

Things to consider when purchasing a wood lathe

A wood lathe is a tool that is used in making wooden crafts like candlesticks, bowls, rolling pins, knobs etc. The type of wood used form making the objects decides the mechanism to be adopted by the turner.

When purchasing a wood lathe consider below-mentioned factors.

  1. Project in mind: before you spend money on wood lathe consider the project that you want to work on. This decides the size of the lathe, for small projects like bowls and candlesticks mini-lathes are sufficient.
  2. 2.       Space: the next important factor to consider is the available space. Check to see if your workshop has enough space to fit a full-size wood lathe. Or is it better to invest in bench top wood lathe that saves space? Also, ensure that the wood lathe is supported by a solid foundation for better performance.
  3. Cost: decide how much money you are willing to spend to buy a wood lathe. Modern wood lathe made by well-know manufacturers can cost a fortune.
  4. Know the lathe: before buying a wood lathe, learn its terminology. This will help you compare and see if the lathe that you want purchase offers the feature.
  5. Check the machine: Finally, before buying check the body of wood lathe machine for any wear and tear. A damaged or wore out lathe machine can affect the accuracy of the lathe produced.

Safety tips for using a wood lathe

  1. Wood lathe machine is pretty safe but ensures to wear safety gear like glasses and properly fitting clothes.
  2. Start using the machine slowly and smoothly
  3. Practice and know how each part of the machine works before starting your project.
  4. Ensure the lathe gets sufficient light so that you can clearly see all the details.
  5. Gather and learn how to use tools like chisel

Bottom Line:

The best wood lathe is the oldest tool that is still in use for making beautiful pieces. Learning the basics of wood lathe and following the safety tips mentioned in the article ensure proper use of the machine.