What is plug valve? How does it function?

The use of plug valve is mainly felt in the industrial world. It is basically an industrial purpose valve which is used to control the flow of the fluid in the pipelines and various processing units. They consists of plugs which are either conical or cylindrical shaped and can also be rotated inside the valve body either with the help of the hand wheel or otherwise with the help of machines. The valves are designed and manufactured in a special way so that it can carry out the work swiftly. In short, the mechanism of the valve is very advanced and updated.

How does a plug valve operate?

It will be very interesting to know about the exact mechanism of working of plug valve. It can help an individual in various types of work. They are mostly operated through air. However, there are mainly two versions of air operated valve. In the first case, the normally open shut off valve functions when no air pressure is applied the valve will open. It is found that there is a rubber tube inside the valve body; the rubber tube is called as a sleeve bladder.

Interesting facts about plug valve:

The other name of plug valveis cock valve that mainly obstructs the flow blocked by a cone shaped plug that moves aside when the user turn a wheel. A plug valve is mainly cylindrical in shape. It can be easily rotated inside the valve body to control the flow of the liquid or the fluid. 2 port models is said to be the most common type of plug valve. It has an open and closed position.

In most of the cases, it is found that the plug valve uses a quarter turn valve which is mainly required where there is a demand of quick and prompt action.

Thus, it can be well assumed from the above discussion that the role of plug valve in the industrial sector is quite important. Its demand is slowly increasing day by day. There are four general categories of plug valve and the user is free to choose the one that is convenient for him. It can be easily fitted on any device and also helps in normal functioning.

The end of the valve can be flanged or hub type. All this things makes the tool more essential and important in all aspects.

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