The Perfect Paella Recipe

There are many popular dishes in the world, and one of the best-known dishes is paella. This has gained popularity worldwide. Paella is a famous Spanish rice dish. Its main ingredients are rice, chicken, seafood and saffron, etc. A wide shallow pan is used to make the dish in an open fire. Paella means a frying pan. It is the national dish of Spain.

How To Cook The Perfect Paella Recipe?

To cook the best paella recipe, it is essential to follow certain steps. These are as follows:

Selecting The Right Pan To Prepare The Dish – Paella can be made in several varieties. Firstly you need to know how many people are going to eat it. Secondly what you will require to make a perfect dish. The name also knows paella pans of Paelleras. These are round metal pans and are 2 to 2.5 inches deep. Paella pans spread the heat evenly and are made from carbon steel or enamel. These consist of two handles. For four servings, use a 12-inch paella pan and for larger groups use an 18-inch pan.

Select The Desired Cooking Method Like Stove, BBQ Or A Gas Burner – If you are cooking for small groups, a stove is a good option to use. If more people are there, use a barbeque or a gas burner. Because the quantity is more, you need a heat source that distributes the heat to all the areas of your paella pan.

Make The Ingredients For Your Perfect Paella – Paella can be made in different varieties. But for every dish, you need to clean, wash, and chop the ingredients, which mainly consists of onions, tomatoes, etc. For example, if you are making paella with meat, then you have to cut the meat pieces in a very small size.

Start The Paella Cooking Process – When all the ingredients are ready, you can start cooking your delicious paella. Onions, tomatoes, chicken, etc. need to be sauteed well, depending on your recipe.

Add Rice To Paella Pan – During the cooking process, add rice to your pan. Stir nicely so that rice gets coated with the ingredients and the juices nicely. Rice is an important part of the paella dish, and the best type is short grain rice grown in Valencia.

Add Strands Of Saffron And Broth To Entire Paella – Saffron gives a unique color and flavour to paella. Put these into the broth and add it to rice. Stir slowly and cook the rice. You can add more broth if required.

When Rice Is Cooked Properly, Remove From Heat Source – After the cooking process is over, remove rice from heat and cover the complete pan by making use of an aluminum foil. Allow paella to rest for 5 minutes before you serve it.

Thus by following these steps, it is possible to cook the tasty and mouthwatering paella recipe. You get the best dish that is cooked evenly and has the perfect authentic taste, and everyone enjoys when they eat the same.