Pros and cons of Using Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is, today a household item and is used for a wide variety of preparations. It has really made the life easy as far as cooking is concerned. However, a pressure cooker is not devoid of any cons. There are a few disadvantages of using a pressure cooker that you should definitely be aware of. In this article, we shall understand and check the pros and cons of using a pressure cooker.

Pros of Using a Pressure Cooker:

Pressure Cooker

The following are the advantages of using a pressure cooker:

Increased Speed of Cooking:

As you must be aware of, one of the major advantages of using a pressure cooker for cooking is the fact that it reduces the time of your cooking to a great extent. Only a few whistles and you are good to go. In fact, most of the experts refer pressure cooker cooking as the microwave of cooking. It really offers a lot of convenience.


Another important pro of using a pressure cooker is that with the advancement of modern technology, the safety features of the pressure cooker has increased drastically and that is why it is the most preferred mode of cooking these days. There is a vent to release all the unwanted pressure and there are ways of even removing the clog if the same is required. There is an over-pressure plug that helps to get rid of clogging at all times. I will suggest always choose good brands while purchasing best pressure cooker in India.

Retention of Nutrients:

All important nutrients of the food are preserved if you are using pressure cooker for cooking. The food takes little time to cook. This, itself implies that the food is able to retain most of the nutrients along with its flavour and colour. The more time the food is cooked, the higher number of nutrients are wasted, and you do not get all the essential nutrients.

Less Cleaning Required:

Another subtle, yet important advantage is that less cleaning is required if cooking is done in a pressure cooker as compared to a wok or other vessels.


Learning how to Use a Pressure Cooker is Time Consuming:

Some people do not get hang of using a pressure cooker until sometime is gone. This can be a time -consuming process.

Possibility of Overcooking:

Overcooking food is a very common problem in pressure cooker cooking. You will have to know exactly after how many whistles the gas needs to be switched off. If extra whistles blow, the chances of overcooking of the food is really high.


As is clear from the above point, overcooking is seriously an important consideration when it comes to pressure cooker cooking. This leads us to another issue of timing. If you are not good at timing the requirements adequately, your food will end up being overcooked and there is a possibility that you will have to cook the food again.

Pressure Release:

Last but not the least, pressure release after the food has been cooked is a cumbersome job. There are different methods of doing the same. If you are using the cold- water method, you may first want to see that the weight of the cooker is not coming in between, as in this case, you will have to lift the cooker and keep it under running cold water. You can also wait for the natural way of letting the pressure release from the pressure cooker. But, be aware that this is a tedious task as you have to wait for a long time till the pressure is released naturally.

I hope that the above article has made you aware about the pros and cons of cooking by using a pressure cooker. While considering the pros is a good sign, do not forget to keep the cons in mind as well!