Noise Cancelling Curtains – Are they worth it?

Light and sound are a common disturbance for a person at work or while sleeping. People might be wondering if there is any solution to stop the noise. Noise-canceling curtains have come to market that absorbs echo. If the curtains are made of thick materials, they can block the noise. Therefore, to avoid this disturbance, noise-canceling curtains have been specially designed. Noise canceling Curtains are the best way to deaden the sound in your room.

These noise canceling curtains are useful for a variety of situations. They do wonders at your home or workplace where you need peace. If you have a baby and your home is very close to traffic or busy roads, these curtains help to prevent your baby from waking up at the vehicle honks on the street.

These noise canceling curtains offer excellent thermal insulation and reduces energy cost in both summer and winter, protecting the room temperature. But these curtains do not provide soundproofing completely.

An Alternate to quieting your room

If you are tired and stressed out to hear the noise from your surroundings, bring noise canceling curtains, which can make a significant improvement in your room. The noise canceling curtains are low cost and last for a longer period. It also adds privacy and a calm environment in your room. You will not get 100% noise reduction from these curtains as the noise enters through the walls and the lightest materials. But these curtains will reduce the noise and sounds from the windows.

Choosing your best noise canceling curtains

The best noise canceling curtains will

  • Stretch from the floor to ceiling.
  • It should be longer and wider than the window size.
  • Weights more
  • Tighter material to absorb as much noise as possible

Advantages of the noise canceling curtains

The noise canceling curtains reduces noise to a greater extent. In spite of it, there are other advantages also, that includes:

  • Easy to install
  • They are heavy and thick, protecting light and sound.
  • They protect the room from UV rays.
  • Many curtains are specially designed based on acoustic engineering to block the noise as much as possible.
  • Excellent thermal insulation protects heat and cold.
  • Noise reduced atmosphere creates a peaceful environment.

Disadvantages of the noise-canceling curtains

The disadvantages of the noise-canceling curtains are they block the noise and also light from the outside environment. Therefore, when you install the curtains in your room, the light factor may be a disadvantage depending on the room and your need for natural light. Likewise, when you install these curtains in your office, it makes the room too dark.

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Other disadvantages include:

  • It blocks only 90% of sound.
  • The limited colors might get clashed with your interior.
  • Only usable for the noise through windows.

Noise canceling curtains may not control much noise as a soundproof window, but they are the best way to reduce your sound at a low cost. These curtains blackout the sound and light that comes inside the room.