Important points to consider to get the best subwoofer

Subwoofer is an essential component of home theatre systems. Subwoofer is a device which produces the low tones of the audio system’s range and is necessary to enjoy the sound effects produced by modern sound systems. In modern high-grade home theatre and music systems there is a separate output for subwoofers.

A subwoofer is best for you when it fulfills your specific requirements. The following points need to be considered in order to purchase the best subwoofer for your home.


More the power wattage of the subwoofer, the more effective the bass is. The best subwoofer for your home in terms of power depends upon the size of the room and the kind of music and movies preferred by you to play on the home theatre. You need to consider the RMS rating of the subwoofer which indicates the continuous power that the subwoofer delivers.

In case of a large room with open plan design and vaulted ceiling, a high power subwoofer is the best to get high-grade performance. For a small room, a subwoofer with less power is sufficient but the power rating should not be too low.

The playback level of the subwoofer is also important when selecting the power rating. If you are more into action movies and loud music requiring impactful bass, then the playback level must be high and only high performance models can achieve it. If you are content with moderate level, then subwoofer with lower power rating is appropriate.

Sealed or Ported

Sealed subwoofer has an enclosed bass driver and does not allow air to move in and out of the unit. Thus, it produces tight and accurate bass and integrates well with the output of the main speakers. It is small in size which enables it to fit even in cramped spaces.

Ported subwoofer has air vents to allow air to escape from the unit. This design enables enhancement of even low bass output. Thus, it can produce powerful bass without needing too much power. This is the reason why ported subwoofers are popular for home theatre systems. The downside is that ported subwoofers are large in size and take up a lot of space.

Passive radiator

The best models of subwoofers have passive radiators. Passive radiator enhances the bass output of the subwoofer without any need to increase the size of the amplifier. Passive radiator works with the bass driver to enhance bass.


The best subwoofer size is the one which blends in well with the room, does not get in the way in the room and is compatible with the main speakers of the home theatre system. For large rooms with open layout, large subwoofers which deliver more bass are suitable. In case of small rooms such as bedrooms, smaller sized subwoofers are suitable so that minimum space is occupied.

12 inches subwoofers pair well with large floorstanding and big centre channel speakers. In case of bookshelf speakers or compact satellite speakers, 8 or 10 inches subwoofers are sufficient.

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Overall, the size of the subwoofer should be enough to provide good bass without interfering in the space of the room.