How to Use a Front Loading Washing Machine

The first thing to remember when you are using a washing machine is that the detergent you should be great because there’s no hand-scrubbing you’re doing in the washer. The machine is doing it all. So make sure that you are using a powerful detergent that can scrub off all the dirt even in a washing machine. That point has been made; let’s get into how to use a front-loaded washing machine.

How to Use a Front-Loaded Washer:

  • The right dose of laundry detergent

Read the instructions written on the box of detergent you are buying carefully. Hard water, dirtier clothes, or larger bulk of laundry would require a larger amount of detergent compared to a smaller load in the washing machine. You must put the right amount of detergent into the washer.

  • Load your clothes into the machine

Put your dirty load of laundry into the drum of the front-load washing machine. Be careful not to load too many clothes into the washing machine. Put only as many clothes into the washer as it can take. You can try the “one-palm” method: If you can fit your palm into the space inside the washer between the clothes and the door, you have correctly loaded the machine. Otherwise, you need to take out some items from the machine.

  • Optional step; you can add fabric softener to the dispenser

Add a little amount of fabric softener (if you wish to) into the clothes dispenser of the machine.

  • Set the correct temperature

Read the labels on your clothes and set the temperature of the water inside the washer accordingly. If you have a variety of clothes with many different recommended temperatures, set the one that says the lowest. You can also opt to cold wash your clothes in room temperature water.

  • Select the correct spin cycle

Check the label on your clothes again for fabric caring options. There is a rule that delicate clothing items need to be set to a slower cycle, while faster cycles are more suited for cotton and other durable and strong materials.

  • Close the door and turn it on

Press the button to start the cycle once you are satisfied with the settings you have applied. Unload the laundry from your washing machine immediately after the washing and drying cycle ends. This helps provide maximum freshness to the laundry. You can also opt to unload the stuff within two hours of the cycle, if not immediately.

Just buying a washing machine is not enough; you have to know how to use it correctly. Make sure you go through the clothing labels carefully before loading the machine and separate each set of clothing correctly — Delicates from durable ones and whites from colored clothing items.

Laundry detergents make a world of difference so, always be careful in picking the correct laundry detergent for your front-loaded washing machines too. Happy laundry to you!