How to choose the best spin mop in India

The invention of spin mop made the cleaning process a lot easier. Here, the spin mop head gets dried using centrifugal force with the help of the innovative bucket. The mop heads are replaceable and adjustable to your preferences. That is why people are switching from the regular type to the spin mops.

Today, the market has a variety of models with different features incorporated into the spin mops. So choosing the best spin mop in India can seem troublesome. But don’t worry, this article will help you out.

Factors to consider to choose the best one

Before you go for a highly rated model in the market, you need to consider certain things. You need to look for a model that suits you. The following are some factors that you need to look for before you buy a spin mop.

  • Spin system

How do you want the spin system to be? You have 2 options – foot pedal and handle pump. So, determine this based on how you like to operate.

  • Agitator

An agitator can easily remove the dirt off the mop without you having to do the extra work.

  • Liquid dispenser

This is not a must-have accessory but helps you out during your cleaning routine.

  • Drain plug

Not all spin mop buckets have this life-saving feature. With this, you can dump the dirty water with no mess.

  • Wheels

Carrying a bulky bucket around can be an irritating task. So, if you want the cleaning process to be a breeze, go for the one that has wheels.

  • Room’s size

The size of the spin head depends on the size of the room you want to clean.If the room is large, go for a large-sized spin head. This can save you precious time.

  • Handle length

The handles are usually stainless steel or aluminium. If you are a tall person, you need to consider the length of the handle as well. There are some models with telescoping handles or extensions to avoid back pain caused by short handles.

  • Material

Depending on the type of cleaning you intend to do, you can select the materials. For gentle cleaning, a spin mop with microfiber fabric is good. But if you want a spin mop for a heavy job, a spin mop with scrubber brushes would be the best.

  • Bucket’s design

You can different shapes, sizes, and designs in the spin mop buckets. But the key to finding the good one is how easy will it be for you to use. If possible, select the one with a pour spout which helps in dumping the dirty water.

The bottom line

Finding the best spin mop in India is not a herculean task. With the right research, you will surely find something that doesn’t break the bank. Go and find the one that makes even a troublesome chore into a pleasant activity. What works for others may not work for you. To conclude, the best depends on you.