How to choose a good quality of wet grinder?

It can be really confusing to choose one wet grinder for your kitchen because there are numerous options available in the market. There are tabletop grinders, tilting grinder, 2 stone grinders and 3 stone grinders to choose from. If you want to do fast grinding of lentils and want to make a smooth batter, then a wet grinder is a must. When you want to grind pulses in large amounts, this grinder will come in use. How can you choose the best grinder? Here is the brief guide to choose the best wet grinder:

  • Stone quality

Whenever you are buying a good wet grinder, you need to check its stones. In modern times, electric grinders don’t use any granite stones and that’s why you should select the grinder which has the best quality of the stone. It should last for a longer time.

  • Weight and size

Wet grinders can be really heavy but you shouldn’t get the one which is difficult to carry around. Always get the compact-sized wet grinder which is no heavyweight.

  • Holding capacity

The small families can keep the grinder with 1.25-liter capacity but if you have a large family, then you can also get the 2 liters of capacity for the wet grinder. There are various brands of grinders that come with different capacity options. So, you can easily find your favorite brand of grinder in the perfect capacity as per your requirement.

  • Care and maintenance

There are some appliances which need a lot of maintenance while there are some which need lesser care. So, whenever you are planning to install a grinder in your kitchen, it is compulsory that you get a good quality of wet grinder. If you will buy a single stone grinder, it can be extremely heavy to take care of and that’s why to get a grinder that can be cleaned easily and has less weight. The grinder should be checked from time to time and it should be repaired in case of any kind of trouble.

So, these are some things which you have to consider when you plan to get a good wet grinder. There are numerous options available in the market but you should get the one which is affordable and made of sturdy material. Not only you should check the above factors while buying the grinder but you should also check the brand of the product.