Crack AP exam with the right preparation

There are different types of a test being conducted around from every corner. The AP (Advanced Placement) program is an academic program which motivates the students with an opportunity to pursue their graduate-level studies when they are still studying in high or secondary level school. It is conducted in the USA and Canada at a College Board. Through this program, the student can increase their chances of getting being placed in different US colleges and universities. The examination is being conducted in May.

History of AP exam

The idea was first initiated in the year 1951. The first test was administered during the year 1954, which was conducted by 27 schools that participated at that time. For the first time in the year 1956, it was conducted at a national level. Any student can come and take this test for any subject by paying just a single fee of $10.

Benefits of taking the examination

This test shows that the students have mastered the knowledge given at the university level with skills in high school. Mostly every university in the US and Canada takes this examination. The scoring of this examination is done on a scale of 1 to 5. A person who scores 3 or more than that will be considered to be the best. Most of the universities take a score above 3.

This examination is also being given recognition in most colleges in the United Kingdom. Some colleges even give the relaxation that you can skip the course and save your time if you had scored more than 4 in the test.

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Preparation for the exam

It’s best to study in a smaller quantity at a time, then to grasp up the whole thing. It will reduce workload. For this AP book for preparation can be taken, and study could be done through that. There are many subjects on which the student can choose one in which they want to give the exam. So a lot of practice is required in this to score well. Some of the things which should be done by students –

  • Right mentor – It is required to have the right mentor to analyze whether one is on the right track for preparation. It doesn’t need to be a person; it could even be an AP book through which one can learn and keep oneself on the right track.
  • Revising of old content – Whatever you had learned, keep on revising it. The revision will help you refresh that in your memory for longer and help you to retain your learning.
  • Choose the best AP book – There are many books available in the market. It is essential to choose the best book, which is having the right content, which is necessary to buy. A good AP book will make you know about different formats of tests and questions, along with helping you to practice best for the exam.

To clear the exam, it is essential to prepare in the right manner. Otherwise, all the efforts with resources will go in vain.