Choosing a scroll saw for a clear and precise cut

For clear and precise woodcutting, a scroll saw is an essential tool. Using a scroll saw to cut wood is also a hobby for many people. However, when it comes to making a decision on which scroll saw to choose, many are confused. Therefore, if you are not sure on how to choose the best scroll saw, then this article would help you.

The type of blade

For a good quality cut choosing a blade is important. The two types of blades of scroll saw are plain and pin end blades. The pin blades have tiny pins in the top and bottom that make a clear cut on wood. Professionals use this type of blade due to its intricate cutting and easy reloading. However, the plain blade also cuts the wood perfectly. Most people prefer plain blades as thin cuts can be made with it.

The scroll saw that fits your budget

Price is the main factor when purchasing any equipment. Therefore, great news about scroll saw is they are available in fair and affordable prices. There are also lots of models and designs of them through which you can choose the scroll saw that fits your budget. If your budget is low, then no need to worry as the scroll saws come in great quality at even lower prices.

The depth of cut

It is important to know how deep the scroll saw can cut into the wood. The cut depth of any scroll saw is considered as the main feature. If you are a professional, then you may need a saw that can cut through a thick plank of wood. However, the standard cut depth is known as 2 inches. Recently there are scroll saws available in the market that come with advanced features and greater depth cut capability. Furthermore, most of the scroll saws give a fine finish. So choose a scroll saw according to how much depth cut you need.

Speed of scroll saw

The speed in any scroll saw is measured by a standardized formula that is stroke per minute. Good scroll saws with speed provide excellent control. This feature is important as a professional may know how to handle high speed in scroll saws, but it may be dangerous for an amateur to use a high speed saw. Moreover, high speed may be suitable for hard and thick wood, but for delicate wood planks, the lower speed is suitable. So while buying a scroll saw ensures that it comes with the speed adjustability feature.

The table tilt feature

Some of the scroll saws come with a tabletop tilt feature. This table can tilt for beleved edge cuts, which are the preferred cut of any professional. The standard tilt measure is 45 degrees, and commonly most scroll saws have 15 degrees tilt feature. If there is a no tilt table, then for beleved cuts, the user may have to take extensive measurements for a perfect cut.

Scroll saws are the best equipment that makes the woodcutting task simpler and easier. Consider the above features to get the best scroll saw.