Can I wear socks with Keen Sandals?

Socks and sandals are a new trend. Together they are no less match than any other trendy coat or leather jacket. How would you like to be looked at: Trend Setter or Trend Follower? Socks and Keen sandals are a wonderful combination. You must try it out before it gets too late.

The adventurous people, get ready to bring about a change in the look. The socks need not be of matching color as that of the sandal. But, the vibrant color will give an exciting look to your sandals. Keen sandals are perfect for hiking, cycling, and other adventurous sports. It is one of the most dynamic footwear which you can have in your home.

Why wear the sock?

Let us tell you one more secret! The train has already left the station! Yes, you heard it right, keen people (pun intended) have been following this trend for a decade but now it is open in the air, so it is high time you try this out, by yourself.  The socks help you in multiple ways:

  • If you are planning to go on hiking, the cold winds are guarded against by wearing the socks along with keen sandals
  • It gives an ecstatic look to you and adds that little an ounce of glamour in you which sets you apart from the rest of the people.
  • You can wear the dynamic combination of socks and Keen sandals anywhere and everywhere you go, such a flexible option for you!
  • Being the normcore actually sets you apart. It will attract a lot of attention from the group, thus you can become the center of attraction amongst the group.
  • How better a solution to smelly sandals that wearing the socks? You must not worry about the smelly feet as the socks absorb a large portion of the sweat from your feet, thus giving warmth to your feet.
  • Socks along with sandals can help you keep away the arch blisters. If you wear sandals without any socks, you may develop red patched at your feet which can be painful, thus to avoid them, you can wear a trendy sock with a cool keen sandal.

Nonetheless, it often takes a bit of time to adjust to new things. Hence, it is suggested to try out the trend as soon as possible, before a new trend sets it. Wearing socks and sandals started way back in the English, which was used for the sake of healing arthritis or sore toes. Keeping the toes warm assure that you don’t face any problem of arthritis any further.

Selecting the right combination:

Yet selecting the right sock to match your best hiking sandal is often the most difficult task. It is often suggested to follow three-step formula to give the perfect look:

  • Sandals and the outfit must be in synch. Contrasting colors might get ticked off, hence similar color combination will work out.
  • Match the pair of socks with your attire. Sounds a bit off the hook, but trust me, it works out.
  • If the above two are done, you need not need a third step of matching the sock with the keen.

Socks that get along with the keens can be great wear. Act quickly and jump on the train of the funky trend, before its too late!