Bakers Racks: Traditional and Original Uses

Bakers Racks

Baker Racks were and are a prime part of a kitchen. The emergence of baker racks happened a long time ago, and the evolution has top-class facilities these days. Moreover, the traditional uses of baker racks are still available, but the features have enhanced to give more benefits for a household. This write up shall make us understand what the traditional uses of baker racks were and how different it is these days.

Traditional Vs Modern

You can view baker racks as ornamental items that are available in a kitchen. It has exquisite designs with shelves all over. Traditionally baker racks are made using iron or wooden grills. This had a simple look too. This is ideally used for keeping hot items from the oven or the stove, preferably used as a cooling sink for cookies and pies. These racks had scrolls too. So, if you are making a pie or a cookie, you can take it out of the oven and place it on the grill, and it cools down. The baker racks serve as an excellent coolant as it is designed to receive more air circulation. It had an antique look and mostly made out of wrought iron. The baker racks have tall shelves and raised grills so that it allows maximum air circulation.

Bakers Racks

How is a Modern Baker Rack used these days?

The first evolution happened with the countertop model. This was convenient for the bakers to roll the dough. They were also made of heat resistant materials, thus making it durable and sturdy. These days, the latest baker racks come with many compartments and shelves too. You can store items inside that are required for baking purposes. As people like the antique look, the modern-day manufacturers use their brains to bring that rustic beauty to the racks. Also, you will find sleek designs too. You can also custom build your baker rack these days, matching with the interiors of your house.

The significant evolution is, the baker racks have broken the boundary of being in the kitchen. Yes, you can see these racks in the living rooms as well as bathrooms. You may see people hanging towels on the unit. As there is a counter top too, it is used to keep photo frames and flower vases also. These days the price of the baker rack depends mainly on the material and the size. As there are customized options, you may find low budget baker racks as well.


In the olden days, a baker rack was considered to be a cooking unit. It was intense and sturdy. Imagine an iron unit, and that shall be maintained well as the food items are kept on it. Nowadays, you may find many baker racks that are flimsy too. Also, the preference of usage determines the selection criteria too. The countertop area is mainly used to place the ceramic or glass items, and the shelves are being used to store glasses. A wine glass hanger is also available these days.The designs are made in such a way that it stays beautiful for a long time.