Baby Pacifier Do’s and Don’ts

These days, parents have become aware of the fact that their newborns need an extra bit of care in the early 3 or 4 weeks of their growth.  You cannot afford to miss any particular thing that can be helpful in the growth of your newborns. A baby pacifier is such a thing that helps in the growth of the newborns. With the help of a baby pacifier, you can meet the sucking needs of your newborn as such needs are natural. In other words, the newborns love to such and it is a natural behavior of them.


Many medical professionals have termed that a pacifier can help to reduce the risks of having SIDS that is a dangerous one. Overall, there are lots of significant benefits of using a baby pacifier.  Before you consider using a baby pacifier, you need to know the dos and don’ts. Let’s take out the following points to understand the do’s and don’ts while using a baby pacifier:


Now, you have some basic details about the baby pacifiers and their role in the growth of your newborn. Consequently, you should know the important things that are essential to follow while using a baby pacifier. Here are the things you have to do:

  • Use pacifiers when your newborns are hungry or consider the situations when your newborns are feeling tired or boring
  • Discuss with experts before start using and if they suggest anything you should follow the told things about using a baby pacifier
  • according to the professionals, you should replace your baby pacifier after using it for a few months
  • Keep the pacifiers clean and try to use the baby pacifiers in the safest ways


On the other hand, it becomes necessary for you to have some knowledge about don’ts while using a baby pacifier. Let’s take a glimpse at the following things that you should never do while making use of a baby pacifier:

  • Use it exceed of feeding- make sure that you will not use the baby pacifier instead of the feedings.
  • Don’t use your mouth to clean the pacifiers – when it comes to clean the baby pacifiers, you should not use your mouth to suck it and clean it.
  • Avoid using pacifiers just after giving medicine- you should never use a baby pacifier just after giving the medicines to your newborns.
  • Don’t tie pacifiers around the newborn’s neck- you cannot afford to tie the baby pacifiers around the neck of the newborn?
  • Don’t dip down the pacifiers in honey and sugar- you should also never dip the pacifiers in honey and sugar.

Now, you are ready to use a baby pacifier because you know the dos and don’ts of using it.