Are Crib Mattress Safe to Use for Newborn?

Newborn babies can even sleep for almost 17 hours a day. When babies grow, they sleep a little less but they still sleep a lot more than adults. So, it is very important to check that baby’s mattress is soft and firm.

However, for the parents, it is a difficult decision to find the right mattress for their newborns. There are different factors to consider such as material, comfort, cost, and top of this safety. So, what makes a crib mattress good, and what are the factors to consider while buying the one?

To get answers to all questions, here is a comprehensive guide to select the right mattress. You will get the relevant information that you need on the fingertips while buying one.

Why it is Important to Select the Right Crib Mattress?

You might be wondering why one has to think a lot before getting a crib mattress and how the right one will be beneficial for the baby. So, firstly the safest place where your newborn baby can sleep is in its own bed.

With the correct mattress, their tiny little body will be supported as they grow. Also, a comfortable place will keep your baby happy. Finally, the safe and properly fitted mattress will keep your baby safe while they are asleep and lower down the risk of SIDS.

Factors to Consider for Perfect Baby Mattress

There are so many brands available for the baby crib mattress and at a wide range of pricing. However, parents don’t take it seriously and buy the crib mattress without much consideration.

But one should consider a bit before buying a one. Here is the list of things that one should consider before buying the one.

  1. Choose a Firm Mattress

Infants and babies require much firmer mattress to support their tiny body. If you feel comfortable under your harm then probably it might be too soft for the baby. However, if you get them too soft mattress then it will mold according to the shape of your baby and this will increase the risk of SIDS.

  1. The mattress should Fit Crib

While buying the mattress, make sure that the mattress fits well to the sides of the crib. Before purchasing it, make sure to take the proper measurement as if there is a gap between crib and mattress than it would be dangerous for the newborn.

  1. Mattress with Waterproof Cover or Removable One

While buying the mattress, make sure to get the cover that it is a waterproof or removable one. Your baby will pee a lot and it will go inside the baby’s mattress. There can be a risk of infection if the mattress is not cleaned properly. If you buy the waterproof mattress then it would keep your mattress gem free and sanitized.

  1. Consider Eco-friendly Mattress

If you are purchasing the crib mattress then buy the eco-friendly mattress. This is because the eco-friendly mattress will not be treated with any toxic chemicals that will assure that environment of your baby will be natural without any harmful chemicals.

  1. Expensive Mattress is Not Always Best

If you think that buying an expensive mattress will give you quality, safety, and comfort then you might be not right. Going for the branded mattresses are well marketed and costly but there are baby stores that give you branding options that are the same. If you find all the things in the cheap brand then there is no use to spend more money.

  1. Check out Safety Standard

You must check out the safety standards the mattress is claiming. You can buy the mattress and can believe in the safety standards if they are approved from the USA crib safety standards.

How Big Should Be the Crib Mattress?

In the USA, it is must that the crib mattress should be of at least 27 ¼ inches * 51 5/8 inches. It must comprise of 6 inches of thickness. This is because the baby can sink down in the thick mattress and it can lead to breathing concerns. Along with it, a thick mattress can be too hot at night and can lead to overheating in an infant.

Also, check out the measurements of your crib before going to the store to buy the mattress. However, if you are buying the crib from the same retail store then there are specific mattresses for the crib models. It is a great option to consider.


Hopefully, we have solved the puzzling process if buying the crib mattress for the newborn. No matter which mattress you are finalizing, make sure that you check all the points that are covered in this guide. Your little one will surely be benefited from the care and thought you are giving while making the buying decision.