5 amazing facts about life jackets

Facts about life jackets that will thrill you as well as amaze you are here for the taking. Even though we read a lot about the use of life jacket for kids, let us top 5 amazing facets of life jacket:

  • Life jacket for war: Yes, you read it right! The first life jacket was made of a series of woods that were used to protect against the enemies in the Trafalgar Battle. The life jacket was later used in the titanic, wherein a life jacket for kids helped to save the life of many young children. These ones were not wooden jackers, per se, but they were made of corks strung together.
  • Lifesaver, but sadly…!: Oh, what an astounding data. Even though you would find excellent life jackets for everyone, yet such facts about life jackets will startle you. More than 90 percent of the victims of marine accidents prefer to not wear the life jacket. Rather astounding research shows that nations can save anywhere between $150 million to $220 million if they decide to make life jackets mandatory.
  • But oh no! Don’t wear it inside: Life jackets, though people often don’t wear it while on the raft, yet it is worn while being in the room. Avoid wearing life jackets in the room. Facts about life jackets say that wearing one in the room will lock you inside the room during heavy floods and you can’t get outside the room due to this. Also check Best Life Jacket for Paddle Boarding
  • Save your puppy too: Life jacket for dogs allow you to protect your dogs while you go on a water expedition. You don’t want to let your dog drown in the middle of the ocean.
  • Swimming is not substituted for life jacket: There is a misconception that if people know swimming, they need not wear the life jacket. In fact, such facts about life jacket are completely wrong. Swimming is not a substitute, rather a life jacket is a necessity, which must be worn while you are going for a water adventure.
  • Law by the life-jacket: Countries like California have mandated the use of life jackets. Anytime, you decide to enjoy your favorite water adventure, the law of California has states that the person sitting inside the vessel must wear the life jacket, else they will not be permitted.
  • To check its quality, wear it: Fun fact about life jacket though! You cannot know if it fits you perfectly other than you wear it. Just be seeing and touching it won’t let you know the real fit and size of the life jacket. Similarly, you cannot expect the life jacket to save you while you are drowning, if you are not wearing one! Wear one to be the one (To be saved!) As they say, he who helps himself is helped by the almighty.

We hope our collection about the fun facts about the life jacket for men has kept you engaged yet made you realize the importance of it, through jest and fun. So, keep your safety in your control, wear your life jacket and stay on the roll!