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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vito's new car, Part 2

Finally, finally, finally! Sorry, folks, for the delay. We must have hundreds of photos of that happy day when Vito got his first real car (okay, toy car!) and it's pretty hard to narrow down the ones to share with you. But here is Part 2, in which a little boy's dreams finally came true.

In the first part of our tale, a little boy named Vito discovered a love for cars and wanted one for his very own. He didn't actually believe he'd really get one especially since his Mama Frances kept teasing him--mercilessly, he thought!--with these maddening little trips to toy stores where he gets to sit in the amazing cars for a few wonderful and terrible minutes.

Oh, the heartbreak! What Vito didn't know was his Mama Frances and Papa Vince were really really really planning on buying him a car, except that Mama Frances was hesitant to splurge on a toy. Well, that problem was solved when Vito's Uncle Theodore and Auntie Rose paid for half of the cost! It was their Christmas gift to Vito! So, with this generous gift, off the little family went to the Little Tikes showroom along Pasong Tamo Ext. to buy Vito his car!

At home that night, with Vito asleep and dreaming of cars, Papa Vince assembled the new car. Mama Frances had to help out. It wasn't easy. It took a couple of hours of banging and screwing (hmm, not that kind of banging and screwing!) and a lot of cursing before--at last at last!--the car was ready for their little boy.

It was too big for gift wrapper (and Mama Frances, having no yaya and maid at the time, forgot to buy wrapper anyway) so Papa Vince just took a blankie and covered the car. Vito didn't mind the hastily wrapped present at all! (Well, was there ever a kid who was enthralled with the wrapper?!)

Still, he couldn't make heads nor tails of the strange object in the middle of the living room so Mama Frances had to show him how to pull back the blankie and...

...find his fantastic surprise! Vito was at first unbelieving. There was no squeal of delight. Just a hesitant approach to the car (oh, damn all those heartbreaking test drives!).

Even when he was sitting comfortably inside his new car, Vito still couldn't believe it! He kept looking at his Mama and Papa, as if to ask, "Is this what I think it is? Is this the real thing? Is this really mine???"

And when his parents said, "Yes, darling Vito, this new car is all yours! Merry Christmas!", the best smile in the world and the happiest laugh ever finally escaped him!
Oh, what a happy day! Best. Christmas. Ever! Vito's dream finally came true! And, as parents, nothing makes us happier than seeing our son so happy. This just made us resolve to really give the best to our children.

But this tale doesn't end here. No, not at all. In the next and last post, you'll see just how Vito loved his gift. And that truly made everything worth it!


  1. Oh kids! They just wipe the stress away! Congratulations, Vito on your brand new car! Two thumbs up to your lovely parents! :)

  2. vito is really so cute in his new car, a real dream come true for him

  3. Aaawww....the smile on the face of kuya Vito! Priceless indeed. He kept looking at you, as if saying to himself, Sige nga testing Baka alisin ako ni mom ko dito. Hahaha! So happy for him...and I love the smile on your face as well. Worth it! Hahaha!

  4. argh the suspense of waiting for the next post!

    this is so precious, though. I can just imagine Vito's delight. And how heartwarming it is for you guys to have made him so joyful. thanks in part to tito theodore!

  5. oh that adorable trademark smile of vito's... so happy for you... makes me wanna have my own little one na... now na! hahaha

  6. Oh that precious smile! I can feel Vito's joy through this post. I miss him soooo much! Hope you guys are doing great! Love! Love! xx


  7. it's not just Vito's smile that is priceless..yours also! the smile of a mom who is so delighted to see her son so happy.. :)

  8. wow! Vito is so happy! :) I've been waiting for this post since December when tweeted that you and Vince were putting the car together :)Happy cruising Kuya Vito! :)

  9. Yay! I've been waiting for this post. Hehe, I was bitin the last time. Priceless reaction from Vito. I love, love, love it!

  10. Expensive gift. Priceless smiles. Worth it. Can't wait until my nephew gets his first car too!

  11. Aww, I got really teary eyed for Vito! I love surprises too! His smile when he realized it was his to keep amounts to nothing. I hope I can do the same for Jacob when he grows up. Maiiyak siguro ako talaga. Hahaha!

  12. I remembered that post when you were asking whether it's worth buying a quite pricey toy. Glad that your kiddo enjoys his car though :) I'm sure he'll love riding his wheels for a long time.

  13. Thanks for liking this much delayed car update! Vito is such a sweetheart. This post can't even begin to describe how happy that day was =)

  14. What a cute boy Vito is! You reminded me of what it's like when my kids would communicate their happiness with just their beaming baby smiles. God bless you and your growing family.


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