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Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to wear leggings

This is me wearing my blue Elin Georgia dress as a top. I wore it with navy Mango leggings, Zara ballet flats, Ni-QUA clutch and my pearls. Oops, no makeup and hair not brushed!
Moms and preggy women love leggings. It's super comfy and versatile, but they forget that leggings are actually not pants. Leggings are too thin to substitute as pants so your butt doesn't have support and it ends up looking flat or deflated or, er, bouncy. Worst of all, some leggings are so see-through and, mommy, seriously, no one wants to see your butt! Or your vagina!

But we have to concede that the leggings have wormed its way from gym wear to outer wear. As you can see, even I have worn them to visit the OBG. So here are my tips on how to wear leggings:

  • Your leggings may be worn as pants but only if they're thick. If you can see through them, then those are not leggings. They're stockings.
  • Leggings should fall below the ankle. If it falls anywhere above your ankle, that's called gym attire. Wear only at the gym!
  • Printed leggings are fun but they look best on the skinniest legs because printed leggings make legs look big. Even skinny me can't pull off those things anymore.  
  • Your top must be long enough to hide your butt and your crotch. No excuses.
  • Your top must be short enough so that it doesn't look like you're super conservative. If you do plan to wear leggings with a dress, don't. Wear opaque tights instead. (Leggings don't have feet, if you didn't know the difference between leggings and tights!)

So what's great to pair with leggings? A long cardigan, cozy boyfriend/hubby sweater or any of your boyfriend's or husband's shirts, long button-down shirt. You can wear a dress but make sure it's short and that it hugs your body. A full skirt with leggings looks silly!

As you can see with what I did with the Elin Georgia dress (you already saw me in the gray version), I hiked it up to my butt so now it looks like a long shirt.
Everything covered! So I'm comfy, pretty, stylish and decent!

Gosh, I love my Elin Georgia dress! So versatile! If you want Elin maternity and nursing dresses and tops, too, shop shop shop at their online shop!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Family fun at Pico Sands!

Summer is definitely here! So a few weeks ago, my family drove all the way to Hamilo Coast in Batangas where the residential and resort community of Pico de Loro Cove is.

Here's what it looks like from afar. The buildings are all residential condos save for the white one on the lower left side of the photo (that's the Pico Sands Hotel) and the country club (it's the set of buildings surrounding the pools).

Since we were guests of the property, we were lodged at the Pico Sands Hotel. This is a photo of the hotel facade. It's a small and airy place, quite cozy and nice.
Okay, I should just rename the title of this blog post to "Señorito Iñigo tours Pico de Loro Cove" because all the photos here are of that little guy!

Anyway, here's our room. This is the premier room and it's big! Lots of space for a family! Each room also has a balcony. Yep, every room gets to appreciate the fresh sea breeze or mountain air! The bathroom's nice and big and modern, too. Yes, it passed the test hehe. My husband and I are hotel bathroom snobs but we liked the bathroom of Pico Sands. We weren't amazed naman. We just like that it was clean and efficient.

Vince and Vito, tired from the long drive, chose to chill out in our big room with the big TV, so it was Iñigo and I who explored the country club next door.
This is us walking to the country club. So much green space! The little one ran about, which was a nightmare for his pregnant mama haha who couldn't waddle fast enough after him.

There are a lot of small pools. I don't know why they were designed that way. This isn't the kiddie pool area, by the way. We enjoyed that the next morning (sorry, no pics—they're in my phone!). The kiddie pool was nice and shallow and it also has a tall water slide. I also like that there were lifeguards everywhere.

Iñigo now explores the lagoon paths. This is a nice area for strolling and jogging. A little heart-attack inducing for moms with little kids who run very fast, too, because the side of the path just drops into the lagoon, so if you're going there with your kids, be careful.

As you can see, I made Iñigo walk far away from the water! 

The paths are right outside the residential buildings. When evening set, there was a lot of old people slowly jogging around, lots of couples out for a walk, and kids with their yayas playing in the grass.

Here's what the residences look like from the mountain side. Obviously, the coveted units are on the lagoon side, but I don't mind waking up to mountains and trees, so if you plan to get a condo unit at Pico de Loro, I'm telling you that the side of a mountain isn't so bad to look at!

Here's the view at night. All lit up and pretty!

We were out because there was a stargazing activity. This is my family with my former boss, Treena Cueva Tecson and her daughter, Hailey. Treena was my boss way back when I was in PR. Now she's the assistant vice president of PR of SM Hotels and Conventions (yep, Pico is an SM property), so we're at Pico as her guests. Thanks, Treena!

Pico de Loro Cove is open to members and their guests only. It's a very exclusive community! So check if you have a friend or family who is a member there. Or you can become a member, too. It's a really lovely place! I'll show you more photos after the jump...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prince George!

I have a lot of posts lined up but all blogging is on hold because I'm on royal watch! The Cambridge family is touring New Zealand now and the star of the show is little Prince George and, boy, that kid is just adorable. Here he is at his first ever royal engagement yesterday: at a playdate!

I already have two of those and in a few more months, I'll have another cutie pie in the house! I can't wait! Boys are love!

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