Friday, April 17, 2015

The "why I work" reason that just flew out the window

I have a personal rule that I have to be home every day by 5 P.M. Because our kids have no yayas, they are used to their Mama and Papa eating every meal with them, and we do all the bedtime rituals like bath time and brush-teeth time and story time and sleepy time together.

This rule makes it easy for me to decline events. Yes, even the most fabulous events. I always miss the most fabulous events because these are always scheduled from 5 P.M. onwards. I feel a twinge of I don't know what whenever I scroll down my Instagram and see my friends all dolled up for a night out, but then I see myself in bed, sandwiched by babies, and I look outside and see the horrific traffic on EDSA and I know I made the better decision. Hehe.

I like my rule. It's a rule that reminds me how lucky I am even though we aren't swimming in money. I mean, seriously now, I can dictate my hours and say no to lucrative projects and profile-raising events so I can be with my kids. How lucky am I?!

I had to break this rule a few times recently, however, because I've been busy with work (you might've noticed my absence from blogging!). The rule-breaking was unintended because they resulted from poor decisions really. First, I was exploring a project with a potential blog sponsor but after I got home at past 9 that night, I knew I couldn't go through with it.  Then for two straight days this week, I got home at around 7, because I had photo shoots for Baby Magazine, and shoots can drag on for hours. I knew that so I should've scheduled the shoots earlier but I didn't so my bad. So I broke my promise (and my rule) to be home before the sun sets. The kids weren't happy with that!

My smart and silly Iñigo!

So anyway, today, I had to go out again. Just for a few hours to return the products I borrowed from Mothercare and Rustan's that I shot for the magazine. Iñigo, my almost three-year-old sweetheart, saw me dressing up and said, "Where you going again today, Mama?"

"I'm going to work, sweetie."


My inner self wanted to say, "Little dude, I work out of home maybe two days a week so don't use that tone on me," but of course he's a baby and any time away from me must be eternity for him. So I reply, "Yes, Mama has to work again, but I won't be too long out today."

Iñigo frowned. "Why you have to work, Mama?"

"Well, people give me money in exchange for the work that I do for them. We need money to buy your toys and your clothes, to pay for the electricity for the TV and iPads, to buy food. Don't you like all those things?"


"Then Mama needs to work so you can have all those things."

"But I don't want toys and clothes and iPad and TV."

"Oh wow, really?" Really?! I should've recorded this! "Well, we'll still need to buy food. You know what will happen if we don't eat?"

"We'll die."

"Yes! So Mama needs to work so we can eat because I don't want us to die."

"Mama, it's okay. We can die together."

Hmm. Next time, I'll have to tell my little guy that I work because I like to work. This working-for-money thing just isn't going to cut it!

* * * * * * *

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

My kids test the new Pampers Baby Dry diapers (but not in the way you think!)

Today, Vito and Iñigo were so happy to be in Mama's Laboratory!

Today, being a nothing-to-do kinda day, we all decided to do a little experiment. We were going to put the new Pampers Baby Dry diaper to the test and see if it really keeps baby bums dry and comfy.

As a Pampers user (well, my kids use it, not me, although there was this one time...), I know full well that all the kinds of Pampers diapers do keep babies dry and comfortable. Magaling siya mag-absorb. Mabilis and it keeps the wetness away from the surface of the diaper, kahit na anong galaw at likot pa ni baby. I know this kasi tatlo na babies ko and all of them were driest and happiest with Pampers. Walang spillage, walang skin irritation. That's why we've been loyal Pampers users since 2010!

Anyway, I wanted to do this experiment because I missed it at the #FirstsWithPampers party. New ambassador Andi Manzano-Reyes (she's the lovely preggy woman) showed the mommies the Pampers magic but I didn't see it because I was busy breastfeeding my baby Piero.

So today, my boys and I took out a couple of diapers, made some colored water, and asked Blue Bear 1 and Blue Bear 2 to sacrifice their furry butts to science.

So are we ready?!?
I guess the boys are ready!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I could've been that mom

There is a horrifying video spreading on Facebook. It is of a child who fell from his stroller while on an escalator. His fingers got caught, and his mother is there crouched over him. I shared it and said this.

If you want to watch the video (don't, mommies!), just search na lang for Blaise Roxas's account. The video is just a few seconds long but the screams, the wailing, the panic everywhere. And even though I can't see the mother's face, I know, I know her heart has stopped. Why? Well, as my status update there said, it happened to me. The difference is my child was saved by a seatbelt.

I don't know this mother but I know what it's like to try and try and try so damn hard to protect your child and then you slip, just once, because you're tired or distracted or you think you know better, and of course the unthinkable happens.

When we used the stroller on the escalator that time, it was because we were in a hurry. I have three kids. They were cranky. We parents were getting cranky. The mall was full. The elevators were always full and always slow. We just wanted to go home. So we decided on the escalator. It's fast, we'll get home faster, everyone happy! What could possibly go wrong? Well, as we were going down, the wheels got stuck. The escalator pushed me and the other people behind me forward, and we pushed the stroller forward but since the wheels were stuck, the stroller pitched over. My child would have fallen out of his seat were it not for the seatbelt. I cried for help. No one helped. No one knew what was happening. It was happening so quickly!

Someone finally pulled the stroller off the escalator. My heart started beating again. We were safe.

We were lucky. Not many of us get to walk away from the consequences of stupid decisions so lightly.

After that incident, we barely use the stroller na. I don't even remember the last time we used the stroller. It's not the fault of the stroller. Not the fault of the escalator. The fault of the parents, of course. Definitely I know it was my fault. I may have my reasons but those were and will never be good enough excuses to put my child in danger. I know better now. We all know better, right? We all know we should use a seatbelt and we all know we shouldn't use a stroller on the escalator.

But we all also know we get tired, we get stupid, we get distracted. So instead of judging this poor mother, let's pray for her and her baby. She's already going to feel guilty for the rest of her life for what happened to her child. Imagine every time she looks at her poor child's hands! What eternal punishment! Let's hope she and her child will be okay.

And remember: Always secure your child to the stroller with the seatbelt. Never use a stroller on the escalator.

God help us parents.

UPDATE!!! I am just waiting to verify this news but it seems like St. Luke's Global responded immediately and the child was rescued and is okay. If true, hooray!

UPDATE April 1: Two important things, mga mommies: First, the baby is okay. Thank God! Second, I don't know what really happened and I feel bad for jumping to conclusions. I assumed that the baby fell out of the stroller because that's what the caption of Blaise Roxas's video said, and I believed it. Turns out the baby WAS NOT in the stroller and DID NOT fall out of the stroller. We don't even know if the stroller in the video belongs to the family. We simply assumed that because there was a stroller on the escalator, that it belongs to the child and that the child fell out of it.

Yes, accidents do happen! I feel more strongly now for the parents, especially the mommy, of this baby because people judged her for something that didn't happen! I'm sorry for simply believing the caption sa video. I completely forgot my journalist training of verifying facts first. Sorry, dear readers! This is a huge lesson to me. A big thanks to my reader Vanessa for checking out the real story and for updating us!

* * * * * * *
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